Garden Green


Gardens are one of the simple pleasures in life. The beautiful colours of flowers and plants, the gentle trickle of a garden fountain or waterfall, the delicate grace of butterflies; these are all part of the joy of gardens.

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. All of that digging is great exercise and in the end, you have a wonderful product to enjoy for years to come.

You will need to do the most work when you first decide to build a garden. Decisions about the type of garden you want, what plants you like and exactly where the garden is to go are the first you need to make. Once that is done you’ll need to get out in the dirt. Most likely, you will need to fertilize your soil to get it ready for planting. Once that is done you will be ready for the fun stuff; putting in your plants.

A garden isn’t just flowers and plants though. To make your garden truly your own, you can add accessories and furniture. Wind chimes, sundials, bird baths and other decorations can add a personal touch to your garden. Be creative. You can use just about anything you would inside, outside.

You will also need some furniture so that you can get the maximum enjoyment from your garden. Choose some comfortable chairs, tables and benches for you and your guests. A garden swing is always a favourite.

After all of this work is done and all of the decisions are made, you will be ready to sit back and enjoy the view. Of course, you must remember that a garden is always a work in progress. Plants will need to be watered and pests will need to be dealt with, but this is all part of the joy of gardening.