Garden Green

Home Gardens

Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, anyone can have a home garden. A windowsill or balcony can work just as well as a backyard. You just need to work on a smaller scale.

Whether you are working with flower pots or the earth in your backyard, you will need to deal with soil. The soil in your backyard may not be good for all plants. You will almost surely need to add fertilizer, mulch or compost to your soil before you start to plant.

Once your soil is ready, you need to get your plants. Choosing a mix of annuals and perennials will give your garden a nice mix of colours and textures. Because perennials come back each year, they will be a one time expense that can save you money in the long run. Choose plants that flower at different times throughout the growing season so that you always have colour in your garden.

Before you go to out to buy your plants you should do some planning. You need to know how much room you have in your garden so that you know how many plants to buy. Make sure you leave room between plants for them to grow. You also need to know how much sun or shade your garden will be getting and the type of soil. Talk to the staff at the nursery. They can give you advice on the types of plants that will be best for you.

Don’t buy plants that are yellowed or show signs of disease. There’s no reason to start out with unhealthy plants. If your garden dies right away you won’t be very likely to go back to it. Buy plants with unopened buds even if they may be smaller than some other plants. Larger plants with opened flowers are sometimes forced to grow quickly with fertilizers and aren’t as healthy as smaller plants. When you get your plants home, plant them in pots or the ground right away so that they have the best chance to grow.