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Cactus Gardens

Cactus gardens are very low maintenance and easy to grow. They can be put outside in the summer and brought inside in the winter for year-round enjoyment.

When planting a cactus garden outside, make sure you choose an area with very good drainage. Placing it above ground on a hill is a good idea. First build a low stone wall or enclosure which you can fill with soil. Make sure this soil will drain easily. You can buy cactus soil or make your own with two parts potting soil, two parts sand and one part gravel. Fill the enclosure with soil and plants. The above ground design will ensure that any excess water will drain out.

If you live in a cold area, you may want to plant your plants in their pots. This way, when the weather turns cold, you can just pull the pots out of the ground and bring the plants inside.

Cactus gardens are so easy to care for you don’t even have to water them. The rainfall you receive will be quite enough.