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Rock Gardens

Rock gardens let you have the delicate beauty of flowers and plants with the ruggedness of rocks. Rock gardens can be made to look like a natural part of the landscape. This natural style is easy to care for with fewer plants than other types of gardens.

When choosing a location for your rock garden, look for a slope that will have good water drainage. Water trapped between the rocks can cause plants to rot. Look for sun or shade depending on the types of plants you want to use.

Search your neighbourhood for rocks. Because these rocks are from the area, they will blend nicely into your garden. If you can’t find enough, you can buy rocks. Use a variety of shapes and sizes.
Secure your rocks into the ground in small holes so that they can’t move around. Unstable rocks can be a safety hazard by slipping and causing you to fall. They could also slip and crush the plants that you took the time to plant. Use larger rocks at the bottom of your garden and intersperse smaller rocks to add stability.

Once your basic rock structure has been formed, add soil to the crevices between the rocks. Use soil that has been fertilized and is light in texture. This soil will be good for the plant and help with water drainage.

Next, plant your plants. You can use any plants that grow well in your area. Choose smaller plants that will need less soil space and won’t overshadow the rocks in your rock garden.