Garden Green

Garden Ponds

Garden ponds can give your garden some character while adding to the tranquility of your backyard. More than just water, garden ponds provide homes for plants, fish and frogs.

Garden ponds can be installed above or below ground with pre-formed pond liners. Small fiberglass ponds with a rock-like finish are perfect for beginners. These can be installed with little help in just a few minutes. Small beginner ponds are perfect for a few small plants and even some fish.

Plants not only provide beauty to your pond, they also add to its health. Water plants help clean the water by eating nitrates and phosphates and add oxygen to the water. This will help enable fish to live.

If you want to have fish in your pond, you will need to have a filter to purify the water and remove solids. A bio-filter that attracts good bacteria which will kill the bad bacteria is best. You will also need a pump to ensure that the water is always fresh and has lots of oxygen.

You should build your pond in full sun out of the wind and away from trees that will drop leaves into it. It will need to be close to a water source and a power source for pumps, lights, waterfalls or anything else you would like to have with your pond.