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Rose Gardens

Rose gardens are some of the most beautiful and fragrant of all gardens. With the wide variety of different roses available, you can end up with a very colourful garden.

If you decide to grow a rose garden, you will need to know a little bit about these plants. Roses need lots of sun, preferably all day long. At a minimum, roses should be exposed to six hours of full sun a day.

Roses also need lots of water, but not too much fertilizer. Roses get most, if not all, of the food they need from water. Water your rose garden heavily once or twice a week during the summer. A heavy watering will penetrate the earth deeply and encourage strong root growth. A light watering more often will not penetrate deeply enough and may result in weak roots.

Old blooms should be deadheaded before they go to seed to encourage new flower growth. You should cut the flower off at the point where leaves grow below the flower. This may be a few inches below the flower. New plants in their first year may not bloom very much or at all. This is normal.

Rose bushes should be pruned for shape and to encourage healthy growth. You can prune your rose bushes into any shape you wish. If any branches look weak or diseased, cut them off. This will encourage healthier growth to thrive.