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Garden Carts

Garden carts are useful for storing and transporting your garden tools. These carts have wheels that allow you to easily move all of your garden tools at once and eliminate the need for several trips back to the garden shed. Garden carts provide an easy way to move heavy items like soil and plants that could otherwise strain your back.

Garden carts come in many different styles including wheelbarrows, wagons, and folding carts that are easy to store when empty. When buying a garden cart you should think about what you are going to use it for. Are you simply moving a few tools and small plants a short distance, or are you transporting large bags of heavy soil over a large area?

Choose the size that is appropriate for your needs.

You also need to take your size into consideration when buying a garden cart. Make sure the cart is the right height for you and that you can move it around easily. Don’t just think about the weight of the cart when it is empty, but pile some things onto it in the store and see if you can still easily move it around.