Garden Green

Garden Decor

Garden decor is used to make your garden a welcoming and comfortable place. It can include anything from furniture to purely decorative items. The furniture is pretty easy. Pick out some chairs and tables in whatever style you like the most. Keep in mind how many people will be in your garden on an average day. This will determine how much seating and table room you’ll need.

Once you’ve chosen your furniture you can get into the more creative side of garden decor. You can choose decorative items that serve a purpose or those that just look good. For those long summer nights out in the garden you will need some lighting. A string of white lights hung in a tree or twisted around a patio railing is a nice idea. Then, put some candles on the table. Citronella candles provide lighting while keeping bugs away. Just be sure not to place candles too close to hanging plants, loose tablecloths or anything else that might catch fire. Extinguish them completely when you go inside.

If you enjoy wildlife, you can install bird houses, bird baths or hummingbird feeders in your backyard garden. These will attract local birds and insects that will provide entertainment and pollinate your flowers. Wind chimes, decorative stepping stones and garden ornaments can also be used to add to your garden decor.