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Wild Flower Gardens

A wild flower garden can be very colourful and dramatic. These gardens have a wild, natural look and are a good choice if you have a large area you want to cover.

Many people expect wild flowers to be easy to grow and need little care because they are native to the area in which they grow. This isn’t necessarily true. As with all flowers, some wild flowers need more care than others.

Different wildflowers will grow better in different areas. A seed catalogue can give you more information. Because wild flowers are a natural part of the environment in which they grow, they are a good way to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife to your garden.

Before you plant your wild flower seeds, you may need to fertilize your soil. After the soil is prepared, simply scatter the seeds and walk over them to gently press them into the soil. Water the seeds and soon you will have a beautiful wild flower garden.